Day 2

Day 2 

Storyline, editing and a whole lot of running around

I’ve always been a very extrovert. Loved to be on stage, looking back at a point I almost craved people’s attention.Working behind the scenes taught me humility and quickly made me realise that takes a village to make even a short film happen.

Next up we looked into the work of the art department. Looking at even a still shot from Park Chon Wook’s The Handmaiden makes you wonder how much artistry goes into the motion picture (and my recent obsession with K-Pop’s BTS just made Korean cinema even more interesting).

If I remember correctly the first Korean art film I saw was I’m A Cyborg but that OK a deliciously weird love story that has the effect of playing like Paganini on your heartstrings while thinking to take some weapon handling lessons to destroy at least a few cans while practising.

Back in Budapest at this gorgeous little art cinema (and rather popular second date location) in Budapest. The art cinema scene in Budapest is quite something if ever given the chance to go longer than a weekend, it's definitely recommended.

Next up we took on editing, the challenge of editing, which is a skill I can already tell will be a lifelong journey to master.

Bang from Film Oxford on Vimeo.

That's a wrap, folks! :)


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