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Volunteering at the London Korean Film Festival - Work Experience

Work Experience - Digital Marketing for The London Korean Film Festival 2017 Through the Korean Cultural Course at the K-Pop Academy, an exceptional cultural course I was able to participate in the autumn of 2017, I had the opportunity to help to out on the London Korean Film Festival.Below I'm going to write about my experience in detail, highlighting elements which show my eligibility for the Silver Arts Award application as part of the Film Oxford's iCreative course(Interested in my journey on the course? Feel free to read various articles on cultural experiences and learning takeaways on my blog here: )

'Jumping in' Me working for festival came from a place of feeling thankful. As a proud participant of the Korean culture course, I felt I needed to give back to organisers who did an exceptional job at giving insight to a beloved culture of mine. Having worked in Film Festival promotion before with coordinationg activites I …

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