Arts Challenge

Why iCreative?

Arts and challenges

This project description is part of the required documentation for Silver Arts Programme Certificate. 

iCreative came to my attention while participating in another art project at Modern Art Oxford and Mandala Youth Theatre Company. Sarah, one of the organisers mentioned, that the project would not only fit into my profile but could help to develop skills that are missing to make some of my NGO and socially conscious projects happen.

(Pictures are courtesy of The Mandala Youth Theatre Company and are used with the photographer's permission. All rights reserved.)

Arts challenge 

One of the many goals of the programme is to make engaging footage for The Cowley Road Carnival. To make things even more wonderful we are set to produce a creative documentary on the Young Women Music Project, a winner of last year’s BBC Introducing who are doing their very best to‘help young people to challenge issues affecting them in a creative and productive way, such as class, race, sexuality, gender, mental health, and consent.’

Why have I chosen this Art challenge?

Being a musician myself after writing studies on the music industry, working on female empowerment project and with human rights documentaries, this opportunity is a perfect fit for me. 

My goals with the project are:

Young Women Music Project Documentary
- creating content with multiple applications, such as personal profiles on artists, promotion and fundraising opportunities,
- increase social awareness 
- enhance the project's visual identity

Cowley Road Carnival
- Audiovisual content about the festival (concentrating on missing materials such as a timelapse) 
- Engaging content on volunteers to be used for advertising, social media and fundraising purposes in the future
- Guidelines on how to capture the essence of the event 
- Visual USP (unique selling point) for the event 

How will I achieve this?


- Intro day {23/5/2017}
- Shot types / practice / editing in Adobe CC / creative documentaries brief
- Grip / lighting / sound / production development
- Post production / storyboarding / film chain
- Pinewood visit with The British Film Institute (BFI) on {Saturday 10/6/2017}
- Story development, recce (pre-filming visit to a location to determine its suitability for shooting, including access to necessary facilities and assessment of any potential lighting or sound issues)
- Production and editing day 
- Evening shootings on 4 occasions at SafeHouse Studios, Ark T Centre and Fusion Arts Oxford 
- Production and art award training
- The Cowley Carnival production day {July 2 Sunday}
- Post-production day

Action plan & Who will be helping you?

As far as the action plan goes, will be filled up and improved as the course goes along and during the 6 months mentorship. The content is available by clicking this link.

My current skills and Experience
What would you like to improve and learn about? 

Started in advertising and after 3 months of really impressive barista life, I got my first assignment as junior creative. From that time on I switched between being a project manager and creator, back and forth, between industries and countries, internships to startup jobs. (For more information please visit my Linkedin page.) The hunger for creating never faded away.

Most of the time I have a vision, the drive the call to get meaningful messages across – but I’m missing the skillset. Film teaches you teamwork, dedication, precision and while the challenges are various I'm hoping to learn how production works, what my role could be in it, where can I be the most useful member of the team.

Regarding strengths and weaknesses so far I've identified the following:

Strength – organised, hardworking, able to manage projects parallel and driven. I would even say that I'm hyperactive when to comes to work, I just simply don’t want to stop.

Weaknesses - quite strong headed, and maybe the fact that I have some sort of background knowledge when it comes to media can make me close minded, and shy away from risk taking. This is something I'm trying to avoid by taking improv classes and constantly challenge myself as an artist.


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