Day 1 at iCreative

First challenge – create a short film on the topic of inspiration – or in our case take the topic and turn it into teleshop advert filled with aftereffects from PowerPoint ’95 mocking our own (definitely mine) hollow 'inspirationalism' and Instagram-ready life.

After a bite of self-awareness came the next dish of the day – to present today’s work and go through the schedule for the following weeks. Well, some might consider this as the less interesting part of a programme - but this is not how we run things at iCreative.

Just one example - I nearly had a heart attack when it turned out the production team is going to visit Pinewood Studios. THE Pinewood Studios. To make it even more unbelievable we’re going with the BFI Academy group.

BFI has always been huge inspiration to me - especially working on the promotion side of Hungary’s only Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Verzio in 2015. BFI was not only an example but a through and through inspiration for my work as Promotion Coordinator.

One of the many goals of the programme is to make engaging footage for The Cowley Road Carnival. To make things even more wonderful we are set to produce a creative documentary on the Young Women Music Project, a winner of last year’s BBC Introducing who are doing their very best to‘help young people to challenge issues affecting them in a creative and productive way, such as class, race, sexuality, gender, mental health, and consent.’

The iCreative group is fresh, young full with a surprising depth combined with great enthusiasm. Started the day being sarcastic and but ended it faith restored… well if not humanity yet, then definitely in Oxford’s socially conscious art scene.

Cowley Road Carnival is an event to fall in love with - and I’m here to make that happen. 


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